Web Development

Web Development
For Ease Of Use

At Web For Marketing, we believe your website needs both beauty and brains.

When creating a website or web app, the main factors of concern to most are speed, flexibility, admin-friendliness, security and maintainability. Many of these factor into how well your site will rank in search results, either directly or indirectly.

Web development at Web For Marketing is done by our expert team of in-house web developers using the latest standards-compliant technologies. These guys and girls are passionate about ensuring that under the bonnet of your website, the engine is peppy and purring.

Key Features of our website development services

Our website development services are not just limited to making the website but also occupy a development work that makes sure website performance on the Internet. Websites which are designed by our expert team are optimized as per the Search Engine and digital marketing requirements of customers.

Web For Marketing provides professional Web Development Services ASP.NET, PHP platforms and custom web development of various complexities from our base in Mumbai. Our skilled web developers offers end to end web programming solutions based on cutting-edge technology, both front-end and back-end. In addition to contemporary style and design we work on maintaining interfaces simple and user friendly. Ease of use is our aim even in complex website functionalities.

Some of the related services are:

Wordpress & Custom Web Apps

We believe in WordPress, because it’s the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. You can add new complex features cheaply and easily at any time, so it’s economical and future-proof.

And if you want to take your website elsewhere someday, you don’t have to stick with us because of a CMS that’s a “unique flower”, only understood by your current partner.

When WordPress Won’t Do

While we love WordPress, we also create custom web apps when WordPress just isn’t the most effective way to solve a particularly complex problem.

While we have a great track record for client satisfaction, we use standard PHP frameworks and MySQL, so you’re not tied to us if you want to have the app modified elsewhere.

Our Web Development Process

We manage the whole project from sign-off to launch, making sure you know what to do along the way.

We go through your business objectives, branding and style preferences, your target customers and what they need from your website.

We research how customers search for products or services like yours and how your competitors and aspirational businesses present themselves online, to inform your new website's page structure and design.

We design your homepage and one other key page to share with you. After iterating these based on your feedback, we design the remaining pages and variations for different screen sizes.

We build your new website to work on all screen sizes, edit all the written content and code for search engines, optimise images, and make hundreds of tiny adjustments to ensure everything is perfect.

Once you have reviewed the final website, we 'go live'. We fix any technical 'bugs' that arise, install security measures and a back-up system, then train you on how to update your site if you wish to.